Again this season, ToolKitty is a proud sponsor of her mom’s 65plus (70Plus!) tennisteam!

On a small shoot we waste about 80-100 plastic waterbottles a week. ToolKitty decided to give all crews their own waterbottle to refill from the tap so less plastic waste.

Februari 2018
An Event for Longfonds at Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Managing all volunteers.

January 2018
Just finished a shoot through the Netherlands for National Geographic.

Month October
Several House Hunters International Shoots coming up in Heesch, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam so far.
Pre-producing, fixing and sending people out fixing 

Creating venue signages for an International  Business Exhibition
Creating all signages for a German venue. Directional banners, posters, wall and window stickers, flags, mobile advertising towers etc. etc., for a big international interior, exhibitions and events company. 

Sports Sponsoring
ToolKitty is a proud sponsor of her mom’s 65 plus tennisteam.

Creating Key visual
Creating a key visual for an international exhibition to implement in all kind of expressions like postcards, posters, tickets, badges etc. etc.

Learning the directing process
Because I want to get to know everything about directing, thru the year I’ll shadow my House Hunters International colleagues who’ll take me by the hand and teach me on the job. Very grateful for these opportunities.

House Hunters International
Fixing all Netherlands episodes.