Gedreven. Ervaren. Creatief. Het zijn de woorden waarmee Toolkitty het best kan worden omschreven. Of eigenlijk Kitty, het creatieve brein achter Toolkitty, een bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in het maken van tv producties én grafische vormgeving. De eerste voor grote (Amerikaanse) producties zoals House Hunters International, Bizarre Foods en een realityshow voor TLC de tweede voor bekende merken zoals Adidas en Artis. Twee verschillende werelden, die een ding met elkaar gemeen hebben: Toolkitty!

Driven. Experienced. Creative. These are the words that encompass the ToolKitty brand. They also apply to the woman herself, Kitty Van Stein, the creative brain behind the company. ToolKitty, specializes in creating and executing television productions and graphic design.

We have done everything from productions for hit American TV shows such as House Hunters International, Bizarre Foods and a reality show for TLC to graphic design for major brands such as Adidas and Artis. Two different worlds, which have one thing in common: ToolKitty!


A successful TV production is one in which everything runs smoothly. The right people in the right place at the right time. Connect. Plan. Organize. That’s what it’s all about and ToolKitty is the company to make it happen.

Kitty’s work has been recommended by many people including American production companies: “Kitty is a world class talent,” described Patrick Weiland, Vice President of Intuitive Content, producer of among others Bizarre Foods.












Graphics Design & DTP

Het gaat niet alleen om woord. Het gaat niet alleen om beeld. Het gaat om woord én beeld! De twee zijn onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden. Ze versterken elkaar. Tenminste, als het goed gebeurt. Effectief en efficiënt. Krachtig en creatief. En dat is precies de missie van Toolkitty. Iedere keer weer. Zo komt Toolkitty altijd tot geweldige ontwerpen. Van DTP voor magazines en brochures tot de grafische vormgeving van complete logo’s en advertenties. Toolkitty is inzetbaar voor de meest uiteenlopende projecten.

It is not just about the words. It’s not just about the image. It’s about the magic that happens when they come together! The two are inextricably linked, they reinforce each other. That is, if it is done correctly. Effectiveness and efficiency. Power and creativity. That is exactly the mission of ToolKitty and we have proven time and again that every job must be delivered to these standards. 

Everything from DTP for magazines and brochures to the graphic design of logos and advertisements. ToolKitty encompasses a wide range of talents and is up for any challenge.





“I’ve worked on several productions over the past 5 years with Kitty Van Stein who worked as our producer and managed a team of local professionals. As a producer who has directed productions in over 70 countries around the world, Kitty is a world class talent. Kitty assembles and manages fast moving productions on time and on budget. She understand the needs of a successful international production and most importantly understands great story and characters. Kitty has provided casting, story development and producing for our teams on several programs. In addition, she brings a lot of enthusiasm and great energy to any project.”

Patrick Weiland
VP of Development, Executive Producer at Intuitive Content
Minneapolis, Minnesota


ToolKitty is much more than just a production services company because that doesn’t cover how much more you get when you work with them. Kitty has all aspects of production covered and understands the demanding and time sensitive needs of our business. When I work with Kitty I have full confidence that not only will the job get done but that everyone involved will leave the job with a smile on their face. That is priceless.

S. DeLancer
Independent Director/Producer
New York


It is rare that you find a local producer who you can fully trust and know 100% that the task will get completed and/or the problem solved. Kitty Van Stein has amazing foresight and insight which makes her one of the best in the business.  She understands the international television industry and our last minute crazy requests. She handles everything with grace and humor which makes her a delight to work with.

Risa Morimoto
Director/Producer, House Hunters International
New York


I’ve been working with Kitty of ToolKitty Productions for 3 years. She is professional, knowledgeable, brings great energy to set and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Erica Fegely
Senior Production Coordinator, Leopard USA
New York


Kitty is the sunshine of any shoot! Not only does she come incredibly prepared, but she always makes sure there is a positive atmosphere on set. On every shoot I have done with Kitty, she is a crucial part of pre production, and executing the show. I love working with her, and you will, too!

Erin Fitch
Independent Director/Producer
New York


“Every aspect of my production in Amsterdam became smoother while Kitty was on our team.  Because of the difficult nature of our docu-follow series, everything involved with our production was a complicated web of last minute requests and schedule changes, which she effortlessly navigated while still keeping her humor. Whatever the need, Kitty was always at the helm making sure our production was successful and handled all location bookings, on the fly car rentals, prop purchases, gear switches, (amazing) local crew hires, crew meals, hotel arrangements, note taking, US releases, scouting, and all the while anticipating everything else that comes up while shooting abroad.  Despite the long hours, I could always turn to Kitty and laugh with her through the chaos. Bottom line is, if you’re not hiring Kitty for your production, then you’re doing it wrong. She will always be my first call and recommendation.”

Rachael Knudsen
Independent Senior Field Producer
New York

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